Inspired by our environments we create products.

We draw from our Australian Aboriginal and South Sea Islander family values of being very resourceful, resilient and innovative. They never gave up and overcome many adversities, using whatever they had available, so as not to waste anything. They were always very humble and ever grateful.

The clothing and apparel designs are print on demand. This means we only print when you place an order, as this helps to reduce overproduction which often ends up as landfill waste.

The Jewellery, artefacts and other items are made from recycled and/or unwanted household materials, including cardboard, fabrics, bottles, tins and jars.

About Olivene

Picture of Olivene Yasso wearing Olivene’s Creations t-shirt in red. The design is the Aboriginal Wave which has a yellow wave in the centre of a circle with red water and black sky with a gold rough edge around the circle design.

This Queensland business was established in 2019 however it is an extension of me, Olivene Yasso the person, so it has been in development for …. well lets just say a good amount of years 😂 😂😂

I am Olivene, my name is pronounced ‘ol-uh-veen.’

I am an Australian of Aboriginal (Yiman nation) and Australian born South Sea Islander (ASSI) heritage with my ancestors brought over from Vanuatu. My paternal line include the Ah-see, Hopkins, Miller, Querro families and my maternal line include the Yasso, Power, Taitors families. 

I live in the great state of Queensland in the land down under and I grew up in both Bowen, Queensland and Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science, Indigenous Management and Development (Honours) from Curtin University and my thesis research centred on Cultural Match to Governance.

I am also a woman of Christian faith and the word of God is my daily bread.

I love humour, when you are around us mob, there is always a belly full of laughter. 

The above information is the integral environments that inspire Olivene’s Creations.

These include cultural, physical, spiritual, social and geological environments.

Our Values

We are RESOURCEFUL - using resources we have available, endeavouring to waste little.

We are INNOVATIVE - we think outside the box or redesign the box using our available resources to create aesthetically pleasing and useful items.

We are RESILIENT - we sometimes run out of steam but we rest, reset and restart, not giving up.