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For the Deadly One Gift Card

For the Deadly One Gift Card

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This is the deadliest of deadlies gift cards, given to you by the deadliest gift giver, to spend at the deadliest online store. In order to use this card you must stay deadly at all times. And

We acknowledge that the person receiving this gift card is soo deadly, it is only befitting that they receive the most deadliest gift card in the world. And

This gift card is given by the deadliest gift giver to be received by the deadliest person in their world, to shop exclusively at the deadliest online store on the planet. 😁

The images are mock up gift cards, you will receive a digital e-card that does not look like the one’s pictured. However we will send you a digital copy of the below images, if you would like to create your own Gift Card. We will send you instructions on how to  create your own custom Gift Card and Gift Card holder.

It truly will be a gift that keeps on giving.


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